Djeco Workshop Watercolour Pencil Set

Djeco Workshop Watercolour Pencil Set

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Djeco: Workshop – Watercolour Pencil 

A workshop to create beautiful watercolour pictures using watercolour crayons. The idea is to colour the pre-cut paper shapes, developing pattern using watercolour techniques. The finished shapes are then adhered to one of the four different pictures (or work sheets) that are already outlined. The end result is a rich and textural picture with an elfin theme. 

Designed for older Children, this kit is a great way of encouraging them to be creative. The step by step guide designed by the illustrators to demonstrate their techniques has tips for great results every time. 

Workshop includes: 

4 x work sheets 
5 x punch out sheets 
10 x watercolour pencils 
1 x paint brush 
1 x glue stick 
step by step instructions in full colour 
Suggested for ages 9-15