Drawbot  Maze Race Puzzle Track Board
Drawbot  Maze Race Puzzle Track Board

Drawbot Maze Race Puzzle Track Board

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Drawbot City Maze is the perfect game to challenge your gross motor skills as well as your fine motor skills!

Use the Drawbot Marker included here to design your own routes on white paper and challenge Drawbot to follow your lines! Your creativity is the limit!
A game of Strategy and Motor Skills! Push your creativity to the limit by challengning your friends in an excitng race to the center of the board using your quick thinking and fast reflexes!

Drawbot is a fun tool to help develop children's critical thinking and encourage creative problem solving.
With internal optical sensor, Drawbot reads the black line drawn on paper.
It is also automatic inductive, which means it will run around in circles until it finds the line!

- 1 Exlcusive Drawbot
- 4 Button Batteries (1.5V)
- 70 Maze Race Puzzle pieces
- 1 Steam activity book
- 2 Drawbot Markers
- 2 Testing Paper Sheets.