Lumini Cleansing Brush
Lumini Cleansing Brush
Lumini Cleansing Brush

Lumini Cleansing Brush

Lumini Skincare
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Enhance your skincare routine with Lumini’s facial cleansing brush—the perfect cherry on top for your skincare routine. 

Our silicone cleansing brush is crafted to provide a gentle yet effective cleanse, targeting congestion, bumps, and blackheads.

• Gentle Cleanse and Exfoliation: Experience a soothing cleanse that gently exfoliates, restoring your skin's natural glow.

• Deeper Cleanse: Reach into pores in ways your hands can't, providing a deeper and more thorough clean.

• Even Distribution: Distributes cleanser evenly over the face for a revitalising cleanse.

• Skin Massage: Enjoy a soothing massage that brings a healthy blood flow to your face.

• Prep for Skincare: Primes your skin for moisturiser and sunscreen application.

• Smooth and Clear Skin: Helps keep your skin smooth and free of dirt.

• Mum's Anti-Aging Ally: A great tool for mums to maintain healthy, bright skin.


Upgrade your skincare routine with the Lumini Facial Cleansing Brush and uncover the secret to beautifully cleansed, radiant skin.

How to use 

Step 1 Put 1 pump of Lumini cleanser directly onto the cleansing brush and apply to damp skin.

Step 2 Using circular motions, gently massage all over face and jawline, focusing on your oily build up areas.

Be careful not to be too rough to ensure your skin barrier stays healthy and intact.

Care Instructions

To clean the brush use hot soapy water and leave to air dry. 

The silicone bristles are non-porous, meaning they are resistant to bacterial buildup.