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Robotime Rambler Rover
Robotime Rambler Rover

Robotime Rambler Rover

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  • his is no ordinary kit - it's a solar-powered moon buggy! Build it and then set it in motion as the supplied solar panel harnesses the sunlight to power the wheels.

    This is a great parent & child project to build together during holidays or over a wet weekend. Adults love these kits too, especially those who enjoy hands-on activities. The instructions are easy to follow and everything you need is supplied.

    Build your own solar space rover!
    Other hobbies will seem boring after you’ve entered the world of model building. The Rambler Rover is a delight to build and any time you're feeling bored, just place it in the sun to commence a new journey of discovery.

    Rover Rambler

    Fun & easy to build
    Building your Space Rover is a snap - literally. Just pop out the parts and either snap them or glue them into place. Some wood glue is supplied, so nothing further is required. Once built, you’re left with a solar-powered space rover to share your shelf space for many years. However we think the best part is building it. Whether you simply enjoy hands-on activities or you need a therapeutic break from life, the construction process is a happy balance between keeping you interested without the need of an engineering degree.