Scavenger Hunt NZ Box Set

Scavenger Hunt NZ Box Set

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Perfect entertainment for the kids, indoors or out! This Scavenger Hunt box set features 3 different 'hunts': Bush, Indoor and Neighbourhood, as well as a blank board for creating your own hunt. Change it up and play over and over again! Perfect for one child or more. Recommended for ages three and up, 1+ players.

Inside the box: * 2 erasable game boards (18 x 14cm) * 2 black whiteboard markers with whiteboard eraser on lid (2 x 12.5cm) * Calico drawstring bag (30 x 20cm)

The full product in packaging is 215 x 152 x 24mm.

All parts are safe for children to use.
The NZ theme educates the customer about Aotearoa while the scavenger hunt keeps them engaged.
This scavenger hunt box set is part of the Curious Kiwi range that is great for both international customers, such as tourists, and domestic customers, like families or schools.