SwaddleDuo - Classic Minnie
SwaddleDuo - Classic Minnie

SwaddleDuo - Classic Minnie

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My all time favourite wraps from Swaddle Designs 

*The Gift box has the price $58 on box (see pic) 
Priced to clear for two amazing wraps

Two premium, yet different, baby soft cotton swaddling blankets in a wonderful gift box: 
*The Ultimate Receiving Blanket is a lightweight premium cotton flannel - for moderate to cooler environmental temperatures 
*The Marquisette Swaddling Blanket is a very lightweight openweave cotton blanket - for warmer environmental temperatures 
Parents will be prepared for a variety of environmental temperatures - cool, moderate or warm 
Generous size and optimum shape for swaddling 
Multi-use and versatile - sunshield, playmat for tummy time, privacy throw for breastfeeding 
Easy to follow swaddling instructions sewn on the edge of the blankets 
Designed by a nurse and winner of multiple awards